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Classical Character Design Portfolio

Here´s the rest of the pictures in Manga and Anime style

This girl is Shima. She lives in an island

This girls were surprised by their friend taking a picture of them eating at a coffee shop

This Girls (yeah, both girls) are the lead singers in their band. They´re a pretty famous band


saurabh said...

ust say ur character designs have really inspired me a lot great work
It has actually impressed me a lot.
Such a great zeal and enthusiasm towards ur work.Keep it up

saurabh said...

liked ur drawing style of Shima.Have you made all these characters in real??

saurabh said...

I am pursuing Msc in animation and design and also done some freelancing jobs as modeler,texture artist and as a graphic designer.I have also made a 2d classical short animation clip.

Tania Machorro Adam said...

Thanks a lot for your comments! I'm glad you liked my characters this much. Yes, I made all of them. I'm happy that it has inspired you for your work! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

You're the Best!!!!

saurabh said...

Hey tania are u on Facebook also...I would be glad if you add me as frnd b'coz it will be really helpful in conversing you about character design and if u can give me some tips on how to make illustrations
Love to hear from ur side
thank you