2:23 PM

Flash Film- Mika wanted a Kitty

My final Flash film is done after long weeks of planning.

This time I'm posting my character designs for my Final Flash project in Vancouver Film School. Mika wanted a Kitty, that's the title.

Mika. She's a spoiled little girl in love with cats.

Puppy. The smallest and cutest puppy int he whole world.

The synopsis goes something like this:
The puppy is small, the puppy is cute, the puppy is happy. We like the puppy. Does little Mika like the puppy?

I think when putting the Title and the synopsis together you kind of guess what's going to happen, right?
I did this film in about a week because I decided to change my whole story when we just had a week left for the deadline. My last project was 3:00am Craving, but I didn't have enough time to finish it, so I'll finish that one some other time.

Later on, I'll post the whole film with sound for everybody to enjoy it. I hope everyone likes it as much as I enjoyed myself making it.

6:24 PM

Character Design For 3:00 am Craving

Here I post my Character Design for one of my Flash projects: 3:00am Craving

As the Title says, it is about a pregnant lady who wakes up at 3:00am because the baby inside her belly is telling her it's time to eat, so she goes and wakes her husband up and asks him to go bring her "the usual". You'll have to wait for me to finish the Film to see what "the usual" is.

Mina. She is the main character of the story. Cute and small, really nice and caring.

Drake. Mina's husband. Loving and sweet. He spoils his wife a little too much sometimes

I really love this characters, specially Mina, whose design I gave a lot of thought. I specially like how she looks all childish and small even though she is 25 years old, different from her husband Drake, who I think looks his age (doesn't he look like 26?).

As I work on this project, I'll post BG's and Leica files. I hope I can finish this really soon. And maybe, who knows, have a sequel? With newborn baby of course