6:19 PM

Flash Character Design Portfolio

Here´s the rest of the characters. Just some random poses. Please contact me if you are interested

TJ and Ned. Ned wants to be like his older brother someday

Vincent and Valerie. Opposite twins. Totally opposite

Gene. He takes a walk in the park everyday

Ian and Jamie. Jock and nerd. The forbidden relationship

You remember this two. Landon and Rinrin... did I forget they were going out?

6:09 PM

Flash Character Design Portfolio

Here I´m posting some characters poses. They are either standing or interacting with each other

Johny and Beb. She likes him, even though she denies it all the time

Zoe and Ginger. Zoe is a great detective, but Ginger always has to do all her paperwork

Sabrina and Dale. Mother and Son. Dale is Identical to his dad except for the eye color. Sabrina is a really young and stylish mom.

Rick and Cameron. Best friends. Rick is always looking for new ways to make Cameron laugh

(From left to right) Seth, Carly and Ethan.The first two are lovebirds. Ethan is Carly´s brother and Seth´s best friend, he aproves if they promise to behave

6:00 PM

Flash Character Design Portfolio

Here´s some Facial expressions with a full-body pose of the character. I think this is one of the things I like the most about designing characters... the facial expressions.






5:51 PM

Flash Character Design Portfolio

This are my animal characters in Flash

Kocho and Sei-sei. They are not your normal dog and cat
Cowlshe, Bonny and Cabbe. This guys are from a mutant animal school. You can guess which ones are their social groups

Just some fun animal pictures

5:42 PM

Flash Character Design Portfolio

Here I´m posting my character designs of my Flash Portfolio. I borrowed different styles for the characters. I must say that I enjoyed working on them... a lot! I enjoy working on Flash more than on traditional.






5:32 PM

Classical Character Design Portfolio

The rest of the pictures. All the pictures shown below and in last posts are considered classical characters design. I´ll make sure I post more of them soon enough.

5:18 PM

Classical Character Design Portfolio

I´m gonna post some of my other styles in here. Some are kind of a Disney style and the rest... well I wouldn´t really know how to classify them, my style I guess. Let´s call them inspirational styles

5:09 PM

Classical Character Design Portfolio

Here´s the rest of the pictures in Manga and Anime style

This girl is Shima. She lives in an island

This girls were surprised by their friend taking a picture of them eating at a coffee shop

This Girls (yeah, both girls) are the lead singers in their band. They´re a pretty famous band

4:51 PM

Classical Character Design Portfolio

First I would like to show my anime and manga style. Someone might recognize the vampire guy from a series called Eyeshield 21, I thought it might be fun to draw him. All the other characters are 100% Tanya´s work.

This girl´s name is Aya. She is kinda tomboyish with a girly side

This is the guy fron Eyeshield 21. His name is Hiruma Youichi

This are Aya and Hiruma. I think they look pretty good together

This is a rough picture I made about a super model cheating on her diet and her manager trying to stop her

This two are Touya and Umi. They are the main characters from a manga I´m working on

3:37 PM

New Blog

I just created a new blog on wordpress.com, this new blog will be specifically for comics, manga and drawings, and this one will keep being for professional porpuses.

This is the link: http://chibimanager.wordpress.com/

10:31 PM

Mika wanted a Kitty

And here I post my Final Flash Film. After finishing my classical film, I had a month to finish this one, but I actually made it in a week because I decided to change my whole film on week 3, but I like this one better than the other one.

9:30 PM

Miracle Waiting

I just posted my Final Film from Vancouver Film School. It took five months of planning and working to finish this, but it was worth it.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it

7:34 PM

Meeting the Hosts!

It seems like Mijael was having some problems with her band, and Dominic.... well, he always forgets stuff... or maybe he was sleeping again (lazy bastard ehem ehem).
So, yeah, as you can see, they may not be the most reliable hosts in the world.... but you´ll get to like them with the time. I did hehe.
Don´t worry! I´ll make sure both of them are available next time!! Even if I have to force them (which I´ll probably have to do *sigh*)
Thanks again for reading!!

2:22 PM

Twilight Fan

I just finished reading Twilight, and I totally loved it!
I was drawing in my sketchbook and I though ¨How would Edward and Bella look like if they were in an anime series?¨ and I decided to draw them the way I would like them to be.

I´ll make the manga version (black and white) because I think it´ll look better than in color. Thanks again for reading.