5:22 PM

Life Drawing Portfolio

This is my first post ever, and it is a project to meet the deadline for the Life Drawing Portfolio. I'm very exited about this blog, hoping I can show some of my best work here. Thanks a lot for taking the time to have a look.

30 sec Poses

2 min Poses

5 min Poses



mast_eder said...

hi, is eder againt, i don´t konw if iu have a msn mail, i leave iu a message, i really hope know more about iu, well if the message don´t work, my name is eder i´m from mexico, and i wanna know iu more for the reason that iu been work in animated, now i work in a animated proyect, is a mexican movie and is my placer mean more about you and maybe, a don´t know shift ideas, o maybe iu can help me whit my new path in this field, please, an answer gonna be confortable.
i wish you find a good job.
seeiu later, i´ll check your blogg to see iu new work
good look in miami

Tania Machorro Adam said...

Hey Eder! Supongo siendo de Mexico hablas espaƱol no? jajaja
Gracias por el comentario, y claro que si, me gustaria poder intercambiar ideas contigo.
Me emociona lo de la pelicula mexicana, no hay muchas animadas aparte de las pelis esas de los Huevos jajaja.
Gracias por el apoyo con lo del trabajo, gracias a Dios ya encontre uno, pero no en Miami sino en Chicago.
Puedes comunicarte conmigo a mi correo en hotmail: tanya_machorro@hotmail.com
Estamos en contacto ^^